Unisys Finland has seen tremendous growth recently as its revenue and raft of IT solutions expand. As one arm of a global information technology company, Unisys Finland can draw on a wealth of expertise and knowledge when providing its portfolio of IT services, software, and technology.

Its latest innovation, the Stealth Solution Suite, is on the cutting-edge of cybercrime prevention, helping companies prevent hackers and terrorists from infiltrating digital devices. This new technology has drawn considerable interest across Europe as companies attempt to deal with this new avenue of security concern.

As managing director of Unisys Finland, Onni Fagerström has been working closely with his team to provide leading solutions for the ever-changing technological needs of Europe’s biggest organisations. Onni sat down with The CEO Magazine to discuss how technology and Unisys Finland will evolve in coming years.

“I think there are a couple of things that are happening and we need to follow these changes in the market. One thing is social media. Many businesses use social media to learn about market offerings and identify suitable providers before proceeding to the next phase. As I recall, nearly 60 per cent of the buying process happens online before any serious discussion takes place. We need to amplify our voice online and grow our digital influence. That’s definitely one thing that we need to focus on.”