With more than 20 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, BioGaia is working closely with scientists, healthcare professionals, partners, and consumers to promote better health and provide illness prevention and treatment options for many digestive disorders. The CEO Magazine sat down with Peter Rothschild, founder and CEO of BioGaia, to discuss the company’s evolution and its exploration of the diverse health benefits of probiotics.

The CEO Magazine: What led you to found BioGaia in the 1980s?

Peter: We were exporting organic fruits and vegetables from the south of Europe to Northern Europe, and when we did that we noticed that we had some produce that didn’t keep that well. We were looking for some natural way of prolonging the life of fruits and vegetables, particularly vegetables like lettuce.

By talking to other people and friends, we heard that you could use microorganisms to kill off the bad bacteria so that the produce keeps for longer. We got in touch with this company in the United States and we were told that it would be a very long process and it would be very expensive.