The way people capture and record moments in time has shifted dramatically over the decades. With the rise in digital cameras, the industry has undergone a period of rapid technological advancement. As Fujifilm looks towards the future, this innovative company will focus on investing in quality products and cutting-edge technology.

Leading this charge is Peter Struik, President of Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe B.V., and Director of Fujifilm Europe B.V., who has focused on identifying and exploring new business opportunities for Fujifilm. The CEO Magazine sat down with Peter to find out what he sees through the company’s camera lens.

“I think what we are doing centres around our existing products like photo paper and offset plates. We are basically just trying to excel in our operational excellence. We want to excel in the product categories that we are in, and we want to stay in those markets.

In the meantime, we are also developing new products, especially in membrane production where we are now hoping to launch our new products this year.”