In the field of 3D measurement, imaging, and realisation technology, FARO is a global leader, pioneering new technologies and out-of-the-box thinking. Ralf Drews, Managing Director of FARO Europe, sat down with The CEO Magazine to discuss the company’s evolution and market-leading position in the latest technological fields.

The CEO Magazine: What led you to your position as Managing Director of FARO Europe?

Ralf: I joined FARO in 2013 after having spent a long time with a German company that made medical and safety devices. Looking for a new challenge, I was primarily looking at the following three factors: the target markets, technology, and company culture.

I looked across the different potential opportunities and I asked myself what kind of market I’d like to be in with my next position. I wanted to work in markets that had the potential to innovate, rather than being in markets where innovation doesn’t play a major role and where cost-cutting and efficiency are the main drivers for business success.