With the passion and expertise the company possesses, Atos is one of the foremost leaders in providing digital services to the business community. An international company with bases across the world; including in Brazil, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia–Atos has expanded rapidly through acquisitions in recent years, building its base and increasing revenue.

With his decades of experience in the digital technology sector, CEO of Atos for Benelux and the Nordics Rob Pols was the perfect choice to lead Atos into a new future.

Rob is Dutch, but spent his childhood abroad, growing up in Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and Iran. When he returned to the Netherlands in his early 20s, he fell into the tech industry, where he has remained ever since. With a resume that includes positions with companies such as Apple, Tandem, Syntegra, and Fujitsu Services, Rob has the right pedigree and business expertise.

Rob’s goal when taking on the CEO role, was to grow Atos in Benelux, which he has successfully done. In his time at the helm, Atos has become the second largest and most successful company of its kind in both the Netherlands and Belgium, having previously sat at number five and number 14 in those countries respectively. This is a trend across the board at Atos—something Rob is very proud of. “When I joined Atos, the company was making approximately €4.5 billion in revenue,” Rob says.

“From a global perspective, the revenue in 2015 was around €12 billion. We are in the top-three IT service providers in the world, and we managed to achieve that during the largest economic crisis that the world has seen for the last four to five years. In an economic crisis, typically, companies become a lot smaller, but Atos has been able to go against the tide and we have grown our business globally.”