Anoto is a company built around a single concept: the digital pen. Don’t be fooled, though; the complexity of the technology belies the simplicity of the idea. The notion was conceived by Swedish entrepreneur Christer Fåhræus in 1996, while he was writing his doctorate. Christer envisioned a writing implement that could bridge the gap between the physical world and the digital one, while enhancing utility and efficiency for the user.

After three years spent securing key mergers and partnerships, Anoto Group was created in 1999, and listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 2000 with a US$1 billion market cap. The company’s CEO, Stein Revelsby, has been involved with Anoto from the very beginning. Back in 1996, one of the founders came to Stein and told him about their vision of a digital pen. Stein was fascinated by the idea, and recognised that it addressed a large market, so he became one of the company’s two seed investors.