LogiCamms is a leading Australian provider of engineering, project delivery, and asset-management services. The company’s highly skilled team offers complete life-cycle solutions for brownfield and greenfield projects, from conceptual design to project delivery, to optimisation of operating assets.

Managing Director for LogiCamms Steve Banning explores the company’s core competencies and aspirations for expansion. “There are companies out there that are good at what they do but have a narrow focus, whereas our lens is much broader. As a result, I can’t think of anyone that is directly comparable to us,” he says.

“We operate across three core sectors: hydrocarbons, mining and minerals, and infrastructure and specialist industries such as phosphates. We have successfully penetrated each of those markets, but we still have a relatively small market share. The opportunity for us to grow is therefore still significant. If I look at our business three to five years out, we are looking at something considerably larger. There is a greater depth and capability, and we have moved into international projects where our customers have taken us as well.”

Steve has had a prolific history across the resources and energy industry in a variety of senior roles. Experience has taught him to always pay attention to the people and circumstances around him to get the best out of the company. “The biggest thing I’ve picked up is that I am always learning, no matter where I am or what I am doing,” Steve notes. “You look at things and see how well things work, and you also learn what not to do. I have been with LogiCamms for over a year now; you come in with your eyes open and listen to what is around you. You can influence change, but you are never going to do that quickly. You change the business once you understand the fundamentals.”