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Hospitals Partner with Teknicor for MEDITECH and Enterprise IT

Teknicor is a global provider of secure best-of-breed data center infrastructure, data protection & managed cloud solutions for healthcare organizations. Our first client was a MEDITECH client and over the last 14 years we’ve maintained that unwavering commitment, growing to become the global go-to partner for MEDITECH organizations.


Our brand leadership in MEDITECH has been built on a relentless focus on partnerships. According to Charlotte Jackson, Global CEO of MEDITECH, “Teknicor is a trusted partner of MEDITECH, with a deep commitment to MEDITECH customers across the globe”.

So why do MEDITECH organizations choose Teknicor more often?
+ Deep MEDITECH Expertise
+ Best-of-Breed Technology
+ Fiscal Responsibility
+ Exceptional Customer Experience

Deep MEDITECH Expertise

Teknicor has a deep partnership with MEDITECH, spanning executives, technology leaders and front-line engineers at the center of customer experience. We engage in regular alignment meetings to ensure that everything is on track. Teknicor is an o cial MEDITECH Collaborative Solution provider, MEDITECH Expanse Approved Integrator and Authorized MEDITECH Hosting Service Provider. Many of our team members have worked with MEDITECH throughout their entire career. Teknicor is a clear leader in the MEDITECH space, with extensive market share and many references.

Teknicor Only Provides Best-of-Breed Technologies and Expertise

We do this because our clients require best-of-breed results. We have deep bench strength in vital technologies such as Dell, VMware, Cisco and Palo Alto. Many of our employees have worked at our technology partners. Uniquely, Teknicor has also assisted top technology vendors in the process of validating the performance of their technologies with MEDITECH.

Our expertise is so extensive that top technology vendors have also outsourced key professional services to us during MEDITECH implementations/integrations. Best-of-breed technology also means that our solutions can often be leveraged beyond the MEDITECH environment across the enterprise, further reducing costs. Without best-of-breed solutions this is not always possible.

Fiscal Responsibility

To meet your organization’s budget and fi nancial requirements our specialized team can provide a range of fl exible MEDITECH solutions that include cloud, hybrid, on premises, data protection and managed services. This allows us to establish the right balance of performance, risk, cost and cash fl ow.

Our Customer Experience is Exceptional

We are proud to deliver industry-leading results, customer satisfaction and retention. But we believe the best ambassadors of our impact are our customers. Their results speak for themselves. Case Study: Princeton Community Hospital (West Virginia, USA)

When Princeton’s system was brought down by ransomware, they sought outside expertise on how to recover. Based on a recommendation from their MEDITECH representative, they brought in Teknicor to help. The support they received from Teknicor throughout the process was so impressive, they decided to contract with them for the ongoing maintenance of their MEDITECH Client/Server infrastructure.

When they later selected MEDITECH Expanse as their go-forward EHR, their choice for infrastructure update and redesign was clear. Teknicor provided them with the scalable, high performance solution they needed to support their new advanced EHR, along with the fl exibility to expand to new facilities in the future.

Ask Us that Burning Question

We are here to help. Even if you’re not a Teknicor customer, ask us that burning question you have. Or ask us what questions you should be asking. Either way, we’ll guide you in the right direction, whether that involves our services or not. That’s how we’ve built the most trust in the industry and become the go-to partner for MEDITECH customers across the globe.

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