In 1982, a small start-up company out of a university launched a computerised trip planning system— the first in the world. The system helped plan road networks for the German city of Mannheim, based on data it had about current road usage and traffic. The two creators of the program, Hans Hubschneider and Michael Sahling, knew that with growing city populations and more people moving around these cities daily, there needed to be a way to monitor and manage the movement of traffic.

This small start-up would become the PTV Group, a company whose motto is ‘‘The Mind of Movement’.' PTV provides solutions for the movement of people and goods—planning and optimising this travel that is so essential to everyday life. PTV does this through software, data, consulting, and research, working with innovative logistics technology.

According to CEO Vincent Kobesen, PTV Group is unique in their offering because they operate in multiple markets, looking at logistics and transport. "“PTV group combines two markets. We blend and optimise the movement of people and goods worldwide. That'’s our vision. We combine two worlds together; the traffic world, where people are travelling, and the logistics world, where goods are travelling.”"