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Saket Bajla: Teamwork makes the dream work for growth

With all the changes and challenges businesses currently face, remembering you’re in it together will help build a bright future, says Saket Bajla, Director at Tisco Sindo Logistic.

Saket Bajla

There’s no doubt that for many industries, the last few years have been a time of massive flux.

From the unprecedented challenges and repercussions of the global COVID-19 pandemic to the emergence of new technology, staying agile and ready to learn has become essential for the role of CEO.

But these added pressures must not be shouldered alone, says Saket Bajla, Director at Tisco Sindo Logistic. Emphasizing that a leader’s team is their greatest strength.

“I don’t think an individual can grow or run a company,” he says. “How your team and colleagues work together is most important. We spend more time at work than at home; your team is your family too.”

And key to keeping the team supportive, happy and working at their best is communication – something Tisco applies as a founding principle in its client relationships.

“Communication is the key right now. Anywhere around the world, you’re reachable.”

Powered by Teamwork

Bajla join Tisco in 2020, just as the pressures and restrictions of the pandemic were hitting businesses worldwide.

The situation presented a unique set of challenges for the company, as documentation is key. A lot of paperwork needs to be with the cargo and cannot be printed at home.

But Bajla recognized it was also a chance for the company to show what it could offer.

“One of our greatest achievements was our teamwork. It was a difficult time, but our team worked together.”

“The logistics industry has not seen a market boom in the last 10–15 years like it saw during the pandemic, in terms of freight,” he says. “Demand really increased and the supply was less.

“One of our greatest achievements was our teamwork. It was a difficult time, but our team worked together. It made us stronger and now, we’re ready for anything.”

Despite the fact that Tisco’s operations are centralized in South-East Asia, there’s no doubt they’re affected by changes throughout the world. The economic slowdowns in the United States and United Kingdom are now presenting their own challenges.

“Our industry is not a frontline industry, but we’re at the back of any industry you can think of. Right now, demand in the United States and the United Kingdom is down. But we remain ready with the manpower; we have good relations with companies,” he says.

“The challenge for us will be in figuring out how the economy grows from here in the Western part of the world.”

Saket Bajla

Continual Innovation

In the meantime, Bajla says the company will continue focusing on growth, confident its freight movement offering is the best in the market.

“We aim to expand and implement in the future what we’ve learned in the past. We have a target of increasing three-fold within the next five years, in terms of turnover and volume,” he says.

“The major plan is to have more branches in pan-Indonesia. It’s an export-oriented market, therefore key in South-East Asia.”

Embracing change and keeping up-to-date with the preferences of clients is an essential part of that strategy.

“The world economy is changing, products are changing, new features are coming. Anyone in the market has access to updated technology.”

“We aim to expand and implement in the future what we’ve learned in the past.”

Bajla ensures his staff are kept fully up-to-date with technology changes that not only affect the business but also that of the companies it works with.

With these continual improvements, Bajla hopes to build on the company’s already positive reputation in the region and beyond.

“Your business only grows when you bring in new clients, having served existing clients well,” he adds.

“We’re pleased that we still retain our old clients – and that we’re adding new clients day-to-day, month-to-month. Since we are a service industry, customer service must be the strongest and most important thing.

“And whether a customer is big or small, everyone has equal importance. The customer who is small today will surely become big tomorrow.”