After earning his degree in engineering, Luigi Moretti, Chairman and Managing Director of Benelli Armi, went into business for himself as owner of an automotive dealership, focusing subsequently on the manufacturing sector. He spent some time around the trade field and founded five different companies active within the trade field. When he turned 30 he got his start in the mechanical industry and the shotgun sector. From 1976–1996 he was director of Pietro Beretta and from 1984–2001 he was chairman and managing director of the Mechanics of Sarca, taking an active role in components. In 1983, Luigi became managing director of Benelli Armi. He spearheaded a complete renovation of organisation in 1998 and subsequently became president.

In 1995, Luigi acquired the majority of Palazzoli, the oldest electrical engineering company in Brescia. Following the modernisation of plants and products the company has once again become the protagonist of the Italian market and various markets in Europe and the Middle East. It is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Beretta Holding, Benelli USA, Lewden Electrical Industries, and Foundries Guido Glisenti. He has been vice president of Federauto, is a member of the Board of Directors and Assindustria of Pesaro since 1997 and Executive Committee of Assindustria of Brescia since 2008, and a councillor of the Community Foundation of Brescia since 2006.

Luigi purchased Benelli Armi in 1983 as the company was going through some financial difficulties. Luigi needed to restart the company and notes that there were two main points of focus for the business. “One was to enlarge the product line to fit the largest performance for the customer as possible. And the other was to reduce the complexity of building and making in order to make it more contemporary.”