CML are the leaders in printed circuited board (PCB) sourcing solutions. CML Europe was founded in Germany in the new millennium, and the business today has operations across Europe, Asia, and America. The CML companies employ more than 250* people worldwide to take care of various PCB projects from ‘cradle to grave’, providing an umbrella of services such as design, consulting, engineering, manufacturing, and logistics for all markets.

The CEO Magazine had a chat with two executives from the business: Daniel Jacob, the owner and Managing Director of CML EurAsia (pictured far left); and Moritz Hoeft, the owner and Managing Director of CML Europe (pictured left). Charlie Lang, the founder and Managing Partner of Progress-U Asia, CXO Coach, and Program Director of Asia Innovative Coaching Institute, also shared some thoughts on how Progress-U has been helping CML through its corporate culture-transformation project.

The CEO Magazine: What are the key responsibilities in your individual roles?

Moritz: I am responsible for all CML organisations in Europe. We want to offer more than just PCBs to our customers. We are a solutions provider and consult our customers in order to understand their individual needs. This requires flexibility, the right mindset, and processes that support individual solutions. I am committed to working with my colleagues on developing all aspects to create the best possible customer experience.

Daniel: I am in charge of all CML operations in Asia and America–Pacific. My main focus is on sustainable development with our manufacturing partners, and to ensure — together with our Quality Team — that CML stays on an excellent level to answer the needs of our customers. We have just invested in new equipment to reach our goal of a zero PPM defect rate on our products.

Charlie: I am the founder and Managing Partner of Progress-U, focusing on corporate culture transformation, developing professional coaches, and helping C-level leaders in their transformation to become more inspiring and purposeful leaders. In the corporate culture transformation project with CML, I’m the main facilitator and content specialist, supported by Terrance Leung [!progress-u!], who is the project leader.