A period of consolidation and transformation has radically shifted the brand and operations of MacDonald Johnston. As Australia'’s leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of refuse collection and compaction equipment and street sweepers, MacDonald Johnston has utilised a vast array of efficiency improvements to cement its market-leading position.

After another year of successful results, David Waldron, Managing Director of MacDonald Johnston, spoke to The CEO Magazine about the company’'s steady and savvy evolution and how he plans to further consolidate the business and make it globally competitive.

“Yes, we'’ve managed to pull off another record year in 2013, despite a very tough marketplace. We'’ve got a good bunch of people and they’ve worked extremely hard. In August of this year, I'’ll have been at MacDonald Johnston for 10 years, and if you look back it has clearly been a journey of three stages.

“The first two or three years were about stopping the losses the company was experiencing when I joined and providing our employees with hope and a vision. The company was haemorrhaging at the time, and I focused on re-instilling confidence in our employees and customers that MacDonald Johnston was going to survive.”