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Conquer with Innovation: Mahendra Gupta

Arising tide doesn’t raise people who don’t have a boat. Manufacturing is what builds the boat for them and provides the opportunity to rise with the tide. For Mahendra Gupta, Chair and Managing Director of Gupta Power Infrastructure Limited, this elevation all began in food processing.

Mahendra Gupta, Chair & Managing Director of Gupta Power Infrastructure Limited

“I was born in a business family whose main concentration was in food processing,” he tells The CEO Magazine. “My late father Jagdish Raiji Gupta has always been my greatest inspiration and he was known for his integrity, so I always wanted to follow his footsteps and become a successful businessman.”

Having initially looked after the core business function of wheat processing, Mahendra’s family thereafter took over Gupta Cables Private Limited, now known as Gupta Power Infrastructure Limited, and since 1974, has led the organisation forward to break new ground.

“The economy was growing when I got involved in the cable business,” he explains. “When we took over this unit it was producing house wires, and I found opportunities in conductor manufacturing as a lot of investment was coming into Odisha for improvement in power distribution. I started conductor manufacturing and then there was no looking back.”

As one of India’s leading manufacturers and exporters of conductors and cables, the company has widened its diverse portfolio by specialising in catenary wires, optical fibre cables, LED and solar lighting, and is committed to delivering innovative and intuitive products globally.

With a target of creating a A$6.7 trillion economy, the Indian government has been investing heavily in all infrastructure projects, including roads, railways and power. It has also envisioned the development of several smart city projects.

In order to be a part of this growth story and to play its part in the prime minister’s vision, Gupta Power has developed an engineering, procurement and construction division which has been engaged in developing substations across the country. It is also in the process of developing several products and services to cater to the smart city initiative.

“The team and I have upgraded to cutting-edge microprocessor-based equipment, the stage inspection space and computerised spectrometer for instant metal analysis,” Mahendra shares. “At Gupta Power, we are ably supported by the enviable research and development team who are relentlessly developing solutions for diverse needs, where quality equipment ensures that every innovation is tested and certified for usage under the harshest of conditions.

My passion for our core purpose gives me the courage to reach beyond my comfort zone.

“This reduces production flaws and allows world-class products and services to be made available at competitive prices. Quality is always of prime importance to me and that’s why I don’t stop at challenges, but conquer them with innovations that seek to empower one and all.”

Gupta Power’s collaboration with Canada-based IBI Group has resulted in the expansion of the Digital India initiative in the information technology, information communication technology and telecommunications vertical, underlying the importance of partners and suppliers in the industry.

“Any supplier relationship and business arrangement has responsibilities for all parties concerned,” Mahendra asserts. “Gupta Power and our suppliers must be aware of the responsibilities to our clients and end users. Understanding our responsibilities and maintaining open lines of communication with our suppliers is the key to building a strong partnership that benefits both businesses.

“Product definition, price, payment, delivery terms and the agreement period are all included in a transparent and consistent supplier relationship agreement. We work with our suppliers to create a well-documented contract that meets all parties’ needs; as a result, there will be less uncertainty and fewer future conflicts.”

Spanning more than five decades, Gupta Power has built a reputation of trust through relentless efforts in innovation, quality control and customer service, but Mahendra insists that integrity remains a priority for the foundations of business leadership and structure.

I tell my team to do the right thing even when no-one is watching – integrity creates trust.

“My passion for our core purpose gives me the courage to reach beyond my comfort zone and try innovative and unconventional ideas,” he shares. “Integrity is the foundation for everything I do, and what I always admire and preach is commitment to honesty, trust and transparency. I tell my team to do the right thing even when no-one is watching – integrity creates trust.

“As an organisation, collectively it’s our most valuable asset. Individually, it’s the constant choice to infuse every action with honesty, fairness and respect for clients and colleagues alike.”


Striving for Greatness

“I strive to set the highest standard of quality in everything I do,” Mahendra explains. “I always want to drive towards the next great thing – by constantly challenging myself to improve and break new ground.”

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