With more than 250 employees under its roof, Kingspan Unidek has been creating and constructing innovative solutions for the European building sector for more than three decades. Its passionate people have developed, manufactured, and marketed complete roof systems, building systems, and insulation products for countless companies across Europe.

Michel van der Helm, CEO of Kingspan Unidek, has been leading the company for over a year now and has already made his mark on the innovative company. The CEO Magazine recently caught up with Michel to discuss how Kingspan Unidek has transformed over the past year, and its strong, strategic direction for the future.

The CEO Magazine: Since you became managing director you’ve initiated a complete restructuring of Kingspan Unidek. What has that involved?

Michel: It was a loss-making company and already in a few years we’ve seen a huge transformation. If you look at the building market, it’s gone down 50 per cent in six years. When I was appointed as managing director, I looked at the company, with the insight of having worked at the company for a number of years, and I realised that the company was very inward-looking. It had an internal focus and it didn’t really look outside of itself.