With its work predominantly focused on supplying innovative parts to the automotive sector, Mecaplast Group has found its niche in the European marketplace. The business, which was established in 1955, has Pierre Boulet at the helm as CEO, applying the philosophy that success comes from being transparent and having the courage to do new things.

The CEO Magazine: You initially joined Mecaplast as CEO in 2012. What opportunities did you see for yourself personally, and also for the business?

Pierre: Personally, it was a big jump. The company at the time had a big cash flow issue, and I didn’t have a predetermined plan when I came on board. However, thanks to my previous experience in the automotive industry I was certain there was a way to improve the situation; I had an extremely strong feeling about that. It took me about seven weeks to find out what that way was.

There was already a high level of trust and confidence from our customers; however, we had to convince our stakeholders that things were going to be okay. That was a big challenge, but it is becoming much easier now.

Furthermore, I was really attracted to its size; it was not too big and not too small. I know all of the top 100 managers, and I meet with them at least three times per year.