Iconic Danish media company Berlingske Media has a longstanding reputation for trustworthy and innovative news coverage. With a plethora of newspapers, websites, digital platforms, and national and local radio stations in its stable, Berlingske Media is informing, entertaining and engaging consumers using all kinds of channels from paper to web, mobile, tablet, newsletters, radio, video, podcasts, events and e-commerce.

Lisbeth Knudsen, CEO and Editor-in-Chief at Berlingske Media, sat down with The CEO Magazine to reveal the revolution that Berlingske and the media industry are experiencing.

The CEO Magazine: You’ve been in the business for 35 years and CEO and Editor-in-Chief for seven years. How have you ensured that Berlingske remains at the forefront of technology and digitalisation?

Lisbeth: The media business is in a kind of revolution at the moment and it’s for five main reasons. One is the technology and another is the collapsing of old business models. Another reason is the totally new media environment that we’re now faced with. For a small country like Denmark, we’ve been used to competition from Danish colleagues, but now the competition is global and big. Global companies are now represented in Denmark. The fourth reason is the fact that consumers’ behaviour and use of media changes dramatically these days. All media channels are affected by these changes.