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Brian Grimmer

Photo of Brian Grimmer - MD of Present Group

At Present Group, there is a common understanding that a short-term approach only serves the needs of a limited few, while looking long term has a multitude of benefits economically, socially, and ecologically.

Managing Director Brian Grimmer believes that it is “much more satisfying and liberating” to look to the future, lose the need for competition, and embrace collaboration. ““All of the concepts and ideas we have implemented are coming to fruition. Now, rather than me pushing people along this path, a lot of them are actually pulling me along in some ways—all of which assures me that it has been embraced.””

Cooperation and forming alliances are paramount for Present Group. ““There’s no need to compete,”” Brian says. “If your purpose is to make money, then you’’ll always compete; but if your purpose is a true purpose that is meaningful, it will drive you to succeed through collaboration.


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