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Henrik Finnedal

Photo of Henrik Finnedal - CEO of Aurora Group

As the leading distributor of accessories for the consumer electronics market in the Nordic region, Aurora Group is identifying and exploring the latest technological trends and products to ensure its clients and consumers receive the best gadgets and accessories.

Henrik Finnedal, CEO of Aurora Group, has been with the company for four years and assumed the reins in November last year. With a diverse range of products in Aurora’s portfolio, from antennas to audio and video products, car hi-fi equipment, data devices, electrical products, mobile and PDA devices, and photo and telecommunications items, Henrik is determined to ensure they develop and deliver leading-edge, innovative products and services.

The CEO Magazine recently spoke to Henrik about how the company has evolved in recent years and the strong strategies that will steer it into the future.

The CEO Magazine: What led to you assuming the role of CEO of Aurora in November 2013?

Henrik: I’ve been in sales all my life. I started in a Danish supermarket as a trainee. I went onto my first full-time job as a junior sales guy, then I started my first real sales job at a snack company. I then moved to Kodak and worked my way up from sales to key account manager where I was responsible for a large merchandising team. After six years there, I started at the Walt Disney Company as a sales manager and I had responsibility for the sales teams and the major key account customers.

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