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“Property is in Australians’ DNA”: Angus Raine

Angus Raine admits that he learned the tricks of the real estate trade earlier than most. Indeed, accompanying his father, Max Raine, to in-room auctions as a child sparked a passion for the industry that would stay with him forever.

Angus Raine, Executive Chair of Raine & Horne

“We used to bet a huge wager of about 20 cents and pick what we thought the value of the property was going to sell for,” he recalls. “I think it was my father’s subtle – or not-so-subtle – way of getting me slowly interested, which obviously worked. Property is a natural fit for me because it’s a people business and a networking business, both of which I’m reasonably good at.”

Raine & Horne’s longevity is a true testament to the brand, which has been 100% family owned and operated since 1883. And while joining may have been his birthright, Angus was determined to forge his own path in the industry before he even considered a career alongside his father.

“When you’re looking at a family business that’s been going for well over a century, you tend to look a lot further ahead,” he explains. “I figured that once I was in, I probably wouldn’t leave, so I knew it was important for me to establish my own brand and to gain experience. During those years, most people had no idea that I had any sort of connection with Raine & Horne.”

After 15 years working with international, blue-chip real estate firms DTZ, Knight Frank and Savills, Angus felt it was finally time to make the transition to Raine & Horne in 1998.

While initially coming in as Director, he also spent a number of years as CEO before being appointed Executive Chairman in 2015, a role he still holds. “I didn’t join my father until I was 35, but that really meant that I could come in with my own brand at the board level, not as a junior,” he explains.

“My father is 89 now and we see a lot of each other, and we’ve been arguing about whether it was his idea for me to go out on my own first or mine! We’ve agreed to just let it lie and pretend that it was a mutual decision.”

While real estate may not be an industry regularly heralded for its innovation, Raine & Horne is helping to change all of that with numerous industry firsts, impressive technologically advanced offerings for employees and clients, and artificial intelligence products such as Amplify, a unique social and search marketing tool that tailors property advertising to targeted potential buyers.


“I treat the company like it’s a 138-year-old startup,” Angus explains. “We’re very innovative and have spent millions and millions of dollars, particularly in the past five years, on our property platform for our agents – we call it our agency ecosystem. We were the first to introduce AI and social media marketing technology three years ago, partnering with CCT from Europe.

It was an Australian first to have an online sales appraisal and property management appraisal platform that we could use to email vendors and property investors, which we built ourselves.

“They were our two firsts and we own that intellectual property, which is very important – it’s not some sort of relabelled product, which is what a lot of our competitors do. Everyone says they’re continuously evolving, but we really are.”

As Raine & Horne expands and develops, the need for high-quality suppliers is more critical than ever. While the business already has a portfolio of carefully selected suppliers, garnered over the years, Angus also recognises the importance of adding new key partnerships in order to stay at the vanguard.

“We have suppliers who have been dealing with us for far longer than I’ve been at Raine & Horne. They are a vital part of our business, so we nurture these collaborative relationships and make sure that both parties are getting the best outcomes,” he shares.

“While ListReady is a relatively new partnership for us, it’s an incredibly valuable one. A lot of vendors don’t necessarily have up-front money to spend on advertising campaigns, so ListReady gives them an option – to trick up your property to get ready for sale or for a robust marketing campaign. It’s online, it’s quick, and gives people a lot more flexibility.”

After more than three hugely successful decades in the industry, there’s no denying that Angus knows what he’s talking about. So take heed, because his recipe for success is deliciously simple: love what you do, stay true to your values and never stop learning.

“You’ve got to be passionate and, particularly in these times, you’ve got to stay positive,” he shares. “I’ve got a very good moral compass. If something isn’t right, I won’t do it and I won’t let my staff do it.

“Knowledge is power – of course, that’s a much-used adage, but it’s absolutely true. I’ve put a lot of time into my education over my 30 years of working. I undertook an Executive Development program, which culminated in me attending Harvard Business School. You’ve got to upskill; you’ve always got to be learning. Qualifications are insurance for your career.”

From here, Angus is certain the future will be bright for Raine & Horne, with a topnotch team behind him, the best suppliers in the business by his side and prioritising an ongoing quest for innovation that will ensure his family’s company will always be ahead of its competitors.

“Property is in Australians’ DNA – it is fundamental,” he smiles. “And we’re absolutely blessed to be in an industry that helps people achieve that Australian dream of being a property owner. Many companies have a lot of heritage, but they’re often not moving forward. That’s certainly not the case here. We feel that it’s always best to look to tomorrow.”

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