The residential building and development industry is one of Australia’s most dynamic, innovative, and efficient service industries and is a key driver of the Australian economy. At present, it is the primary engine room of Australian economic growth and our chief buffer against external economic shocks.

In a sector that contributes $150 billion to the Australian economy and creates approximately 1,000,000 jobs, Housing Industry Association Limited (HIA) plays a crucial role within society. It is a national group for building professionals that is dedicated to representing the interests of all parties involved within the housing industry. Its extensive membership program supports residential builders, trade contractors, developers, designers, kitchen and bathroom specialists, manufacturers, and suppliers, and provides them with quality services at the lowest possible cost.

Managing Director Shane Goodwin has been with HIA for 20 years, spending the past six in the top job. He has an extensive background in commercial construction and is also an experienced lawyer. “Essentially, I came into the building industry because there are many disputes, both contractual and industrial, and that is why there are a lot of people like me who end up working in this field trying to assist the builders in their business operations. Builders can’t foresee or manage every risk that can impact on a project when they are pricing a job, so they need good information and specialist professional advice. That’s why you find engineers, lawyers, town planners, building professionals, economists, and other people like us having worthwhile careers in the building and construction industry.”