Brothers Isaac, Harry, and Maurice moved to Belfast, Ireland, in 1919 to pursue their dream of selling fine jewellery and gifts. The three Adlestone brothers had no shop to sell from so they took to the streets of Belfast with no more than a suitcase full of silverware. These first forays formed the foundations for the strong family business that Beaverbrooks has become today.

In September 2013, Anna Blackburn became the first non-family member to serve as CEO of Beaverbrooks. With 16 years of experience at the company, Anna says she’s grown substantially within the Beaverbrooks family. “I started with the business in the Trafford Centre as a sales consultant selling fabulous jewellery.

“From the very beginning I loved what I did every day. I loved being with customers, I loved the product, and I loved the fact that I was able to influence teams to get really good results. As I progressed through my career with Beaverbrooks, each management role that I took on was always about being able to influence more people to help us achieve better results.”