As the largest department store in Scandinavia, Gekås is reinvigorating the traditional supermarket model and making its store a destination for customers. Each year, Gekås sees approximately 4.5 million shoppers come through its doors. With the average customer travelling 150 kilometres to visit the store, Gekås bought a camping ground in 2000, and later built a shopping motel to accommodate its eager customers.

Boris Lennerhov is the Managing Director of Gekås, and has sparked a number of innovative strategies for the superstore. With the superstore incorporating forward-thinking strategies and a simple word-of-mouth approach to marketing, Gekås is re-energising the retail market.

“I was headhunted, and the first few times I was approached I declined. However, the third time I met the owners of the company. There used to be five and now there’s two, so I met them and I understood what they were trying to do” said Gekås.