With more than 30 years of experience under its belt, AHT Cooling Systems has an impressive record of innovation and a portfolio of leading-edge products to its name. In the field of industrial cooling and freezing, AHT Cooling Systems is renowned for its cutting-edge cooling systems.

AHT is a world leader in plug-in coolers and freezers for the commercial sector. The innovative plug-in refrigeration system was designed and developed by the AHT team and it has been one of the cornerstones of the company’s success.

Hans Joergensen, CEO of AHT Cooling Systems, has been leading the company since 2000 and has seen it grow substantially. In 2000, the company had a turnover of €78 million; today it boasts one of €360 million. In addition to its headquarters, which includes a production area that stretches over 60,000 square metres and produces more than 400,000 units each year, AHT has 12 worldwide subsidiaries as well as a partner network called COOLPOINT, covering more than 100 countries worldwide, and two additional factories, one in China and one in Brazil to serve the local markets in these areas.

AHT’s leading systems are delivered to all major global discounters and supermarket chains as well as a number of renowned producers in the ice-cream and drinks industry via successful partnerships. Over the past 14 years with AHT, Hans has focused on developing and delivering the best systems and products to these global players. Hans believes that the company’s ceaseless pursuit of innovation has allowed it to continuously push the envelope for the benefit of its customers.