Since its foundation in the 1950s, Natures Organics has been committed to producing naturally based environmental household cleaning and personal care products. It has always used plant-based ingredients, biodegradable surfactants, and sustainable packaging, never once straying from its original vision to be socially and environmentally sustainable.

Managing Director Justin Dowel says the company, which was founded by his industrial chemist father Terry Dowel, is all about achieving success without harming any person, thing, or animal in the process.

“I think we have got it wrong as far as thinking that business is here to support us as the community,” he explains. “We are not here to support it; we create it because we need to provide people with an opportunity to earn a living for the whole world to go around. It’s disappointing to see so many companies use the cliché of ‘it’s just business’ to do immoral things or things that are going to compromise the community or people within it. Our business is here to support and create a better world, not a worse one."

“We always focus on trying to be an example to other businesses, showing them what they should strive to be as far as giving back is concerned, because there is no point in always taking but never giving anything. It’s just not right. We get so much love and support from our consumers, and we want to pass that on because we are so grateful for their loyalty. I think they have an expectation of the type of business we are, to do all the things that we can to help improve the world."