With a unique model that has significantly altered the retail industry, 2nds World is delivering choice and convenience to an increasingly discerning and competitive marketplace.

Founder and Managing Director of 2nds World Peter Hammerman has spent his entire career in retail. He got his start as a fashion designer for a fur manufacturer. The fur company was reasonably successful, leasing departments in David Jones during the retailer’s heyday. When the fur business eventually failed, Peter bought a small existing store in Cremorne, Sydney, in 1994, which predominantly sold second-hand fridges and factory seconds. Peter had found his niche, and from there the company of just five employees—including Peter and his wife—grew. Peter discusses 2nds World’s journey, the ever-changing retail landscape, and what lies beyond the horizon.

"We now have 160 employees and five stores all around 2,000 square metres each. We have a very good online business, and a subsidiary called Savvy Appliances, where we only sell brand-new products. We sell a mixture of new and factory seconds on the 2nds World website, and we have a commercial division called Appliance Solutions Direct. We go direct to real estate agents and small developers and offer a fantastic service where we offer installation and take away the older appliance. We’ve got a number of licensed plumbers and electricians. Our service makes it very simple for the real estate agent. If the product fails, they ring us; we’ve got a replacement, and we can fix it on the same day."