Rentokil Initial is an integrated business that comprises three business units: Rentokil Pest Control, which tops the residential and commercial pest-control market in Australia; Initial Hygiene, which is Australia’'s leading hygiene-solutions supplier; and Ambius, which grows, installs, and looks after indoor plants in Australian commercial premises.

Rentokil Initial Pacific is the Asia–Pacific branch of the global Rentokil Initial Group. The group operates in Europe, North America, Africa, and of course Asia–Pacific, forming a group of more than 66,000 employees in over 60 countries. Rentokil Initial Australia uses this global knowledge to its local advantage, tapping into knowledge, innovation, and expertise.

Alain Moffroid is Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Pacific. Alain moved from Unilever Australasia to join the company in January 2013 as it was undertaking one of the largest operational restructures in its history, with all three business units being aligned with a single management, sales, and operational structure. Alain'’s background in the FMCG sector and his strong philosophies around transparency helped the company to execute the restructure in record time and with company-wide support.