In an essential and emotion-filled industry, InvoCare has helped millions of Australian families plan their loved one’s memorial or funeral. With 78 brands across Australia from White Lady Funerals and Simplicity to Guardian and Purslowe, InvoCare provides a range of funeral options.

CEO Andrew Smith joined the company in 2006 as chief financial officer before assuming the role of CEO and managing director in 2009.

The CEO Magazine sat down with Andrew to discuss his career background and his work serving communities during difficult times of mourning.

"I worked for Oroton Group, which was the apparel organisation that had Oroton, Polo Ralph Lauren, Morrissey, and MARCS, so there were a few fashion labels within that business. Between Oroton and coming to InvoCare, I spent some time at a company called Brazin Limited, which had Sanity Entertainment, Virgin Entertainment, EzyDVD, HMV, Bras N Things, and Dusk, so there was quite a variety of retail options".

"What I really liked about both Oroton and Brazin was the branding component, with different styles of businesses within each of the corporate entities. They each ran a separate branding model supported by back of house, and I was CFO of both those organisations. I was able to get solid learnings on how to provide a shared service model to a corporate which had multiple brands".