TNT Express was founded in 1946 by Australian Ken Thomas. Today, with ownership now in Europe, TNT is one of the world’'s largest express-delivery companies with a global reach to 200 countries. For its Australian arm, forward-thinking investment and technological change are shaping the future of this dynamic business.

Bob Black, Managing Director of TNT Australia, has been with the company for more than 30 years. He recently spoke to The CEO Magazine about how TNT is transforming the way it interacts with and delivers to its customers.

The CEO Magazine: What was your journey to becoming MD of TNT?

Bob: I went to Manchester University, and in the summer break I got a job with TNT doing some manual work to generate cash for the following university term. I did some warehousing work and some delivery rounds for about 12 months.

In that period, the early 80s, TNT had started to introduce computerised track-and-trace and computer-generated paperwork and consignment notes. I’'d been doing a maths and computing degree, so the fit was right with some of the more office-based, technical work with the company.