Following seven years of successful growth and expansion for Converga, a business process outsourcing company, Brian Roberts is stepping down as CEO to take the top position at Couriers Please, another company within Converga’s parent company, New Zealand Post Group. He recently caught up with The CEO Magazine to discuss the highlights from his tenure and where he hopes to see the organisation moving forward.

The CEO Magazine: Wrapping up your seven-year tenure as CEO of Converga, what have been some of your proudest moments with the organisation?

Brian: Over the past seven years, Converga has experienced great success. Key moments driving our success include the Philippines initiative where we moved our validation services to an offshore solution in Manila. We set up our own company and developed that into a shared service capability. From initially commencing operations in the Philippines four years ago, today we have more than 250 employees in Manila. We'’re really proud of the quality of the people, the culture, our high engagement, low turnover, and a great solution that the team has put together over that four-year period.

Another significant moment for me was when we integrated the New Zealand business. Converga New Zealand was independent from Converga Australia, although owned by New Zealand Post. The New Zealand business had about 300 employees and 50 sites across New Zealand. Over the course of nine months, we integrated that business to become Converga Group.