In the 15 months since Charles Solomon became CEO of Weatherzone, he has introduced a number of exciting initiatives to develop and expand the company. His passion for providing accurate, tailored solutions to businesses across Australia is matched only by the business acumen he implements to maintain Weatherzone’'s position as Australia’'s leading weather-services company.

Weatherzone does not just offer accurate forecasts across the country: the company is committed to providing individualised, value-added products to its clients. “"The Bureau of Meteorology is a key supplier of data: we take that data, and then add further value by employing advanced forecasting and modelling capabilities to provide even more accurate forecasts and services,"” Charles explains.

“Though Weatherzone is currently the leader in its field, there’s no doubt the market is getting more competitive. We have a strong technology base, led by highly skilled meteorologists and developers. As a result, our main challenge is to work with our team to ensure the product we develop not only has a solid scientific basis but is also commercially applicable.”