The name Mustad has been a staple of the farrier and horse-care industry for nearly two centuries. As a seventh-generation family business, Mustad has been closely working and engaging with its customers, suppliers, and employees to ensure it delivers exceptional products across this industry.

Hans Mustad, CEO of the Mustad Hoofcare Group, sat down with The CEO Magazine to reveal the transformational changes that have moved this longstanding family business into the modern market.

The CEO Magazine: Can you give us a brief history of the company and how you’ve grown within the company?

Hans: We are a seventh-generation family business. Our family started this business around 180 years ago in 1832 in Norway, producing small metal parts that were needed by the farmers in the general area around there. We have been through many ups and downs as we focus on the fishhook and the horseshoe nail. We’ve been through two world wars and enormous changes but we’ve always lived by our principles and values.