SOL can trace its heritage back to Lindstr?m Oy, which is one of the oldest businesses in Finland that’s still in operation. Over the years, the company has grown and expanded, remaining a family business throughout its lifetime.

Juhapekka Joronen, Managing Director of SOL Palvelut, has spent his career working within the family business. “Because we’re a family company, I’ve never had any jobs outside of this company. There was maybe a couple of months with another company while I was at school, but I didn’t get any salary. All the jobs I’ve done during summertime and training were here. When I was a little kid, I already thought that I would be in the family company because I’m the fourth generation; it was my mother’s grandfather who bought the company.

“We were a part of Lindstr?m Group and we got out from Lindstr?m Group in 1991, so we have been SOL now for 23 years. I have studied economics, but not at university level. I was at university, but because I was working so much I didn’t get my degree. I have been the managing director of SOL Palvelut, which is the biggest company in the SOL Group, for more than three years. Before that, I was working for eight years and responsible for our international businesses.”