Symantec is a security, storage, and systems-management company working hard to manage and leverage the masses of data in an information-driven world. Symantec offers a varied range of services to individuals, small- to medium-sized businesses, large corporate organisations, and governments globally.

Matt Ellard is Symantec’s Senior Vice President for EMEA. He has been with the company for over a decade gaining extensive experience in the IT industry. His role is to drive sales, operations, and business development across the region. Matt attributes Symantec’s success to the major role it plays in protecting and securing people’s information, through acquisition and a US$1.4 billion investment each year into research and development.

“We see our role as serving people’s information agenda. We protect and manage people’s information—all the complexities, the anxieties, and the cost that goes into allowing people and businesses to achieve their daily objectives with confidence. In terms of security, we manage huge amounts of data including the latest threats to both the private and the public sector, and we set about making sure that we manage that intelligence so people, companies, and governments don’t have to worry.