Six years ago, the founding shareholder of Viatek stepped away from the day-to-day and strategic leadership of the company, handing over the reins to Michael Doery. Now the driving force behind Viatek’s growing business development and new strategic direction, Michael draws heavily from his twenty-five years with KPMG — the last fifteen of which he was a partner working in technology, strategy, and financial services.

“Having worked for a terrific organisation like KPMG and having learned so much, I really wanted to do something big — lead an organisation in a completely different field,” he says.

Creating jobs where they are scarce

After two consulting roles, Michael was encouraged to come join Viatek as CEO in 2010. His main highlights in the six years since have been based around consolidating disparate businesses, while at the same time retaining their regional bases. This has led to the creation of vital jobs in regional areas.

As he explains: “What we’ve done is to bring together several separate businesses. Viatek started off its life as a Xerox dealership and still remains predominately a Xerox dealership. It then grew because the principal shareholder acquired six different dealerships. We’ve brought that together into one business, but have remained ferociously local. If you understand regional Australia, you’ll know that places like Dubbo and Orange don’t want to be seen as part of a Melbourne company, they want to be seen as a local organisation.”