When Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in the fifteenth century, it revolutionised Europe. The technology enabled a much easier and quicker way to spread information and literature, and by the early 1600s the very first newspapers were being produced in Germany. Nearly 500 years on from Gutenberg’'s creation of movable type, a new revolution is sweeping the printing industry —the age of computers and electronic type. The internet has changed the game for media and publishers around the world, and while they are adapting to the online environment, the effect is being felt by the printing industry. Euro-Druckservice, which was founded in 1992, is one of the leading providers of printing services in Europe and has witnessed this change in the industry over the years. By the beginning of 2012, Euro-Druckservice was struggling. A restructuring was required and in mid 2013 a new executive team was appointed. Tomas Kramar was appointed Managing Director of the company, and immediately turned his eye to ensuring the company’'s success into the future.

Tomas had a background working in management for large companies, and had experience in a number of industries, both in Europe and South-East Asia. “"My background is mechanical engineering,”" Tomas explains. "“I did a masters degree in the Czech Republic and then I did a partial PhD in the UK. My first job was in FMCG where I moved between various positions, starting as a shift manager up to the production manager role. Then I moved to a more industrial company, moving their operations from Germany to the Czech Republic.” After some years working in management, including as a plant general manager for refrigeration company Carrier and a general manager for electronic manufacturing business Celestica, Tomas moved to Euro-Druckservice."