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Craig Scroggie

Photo of Craig Scroggie - CEO of NextDC

The Australian IT services industry is in a state of flux as the rapid uptake of cloud computing in this country expands the data-centre market and drives business innovation. Locally, this global trend is being led by NEXTDC, with the company setting a benchmark for Data Centre as a Service through a dedicated position of vendor and carrier neutrality, an innovative customer self-management portal and mobile app, and Australia’s first independent national network of state-of-the-art data centres.

Together, these factors have supported the evolution of one of the country’s largest and most diverse technology ecosystems, which has delivered an adaptable and efficient foundation for cloud computing to numerous organisations.

For NEXTDC’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Craig Scroggie, identifying these fundamental shifts in the market was essential for NEXTDC to reinvent the concept of a data-centre offering and encourage more Australian businesses to selectively source their IT needs.

“For a long time, organisations have faced the challenge of spending all their capital in acquiring facilities and building them up to support their computing infrastructure, ordering servers, storage, and software, as well as all of the infrastructure and platforms that are required to provide a service to the business,” Craig says.

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