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Innovation never stops: Daniel Kwong & Jason Chu

Vibrant and dynamic, the telecommunications industry is constantly evolving on a global scale, thanks to advancements in technology and infrastructure that continuously infiltrate the market.

Daniel Kwong & Jason Chu, Chief Information and Innovation Officer & General Manager Taiwan of CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited

In just a few decades, the world went from having “party lines” – telephone loop circuits where multiple homes would share a single phone line – to having a variety of ways to make a private voice call via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts and the like.

Throughout the years, the telco industry has transformed thanks to innovations such as artificial intelligence, 5G, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and more. But despite the ever-changing landscape, one thing will always remain constant – its core business is connectivity.

“Our company motto is ‘Innovation never stops’,” says Daniel Kwong, Chief Information and Innovation Officer at CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited (CITIC Telecom CPC).

“We are transforming from a traditional ISP [Internet Service Provider] into a very focused ICT-solution provider by continuously innovating and incorporating new technology.

“In the future development of our company, we will be focusing a lot on artificial intelligence, creating a more intelligent network and intelligent security, intelligently managing our workflow, and working with different partners to develop some new technologies.

“The main reason we incorporate all of this innovation and new technology is to extend our service scope and capabilities from our first key core pillar of service: connectivity. We want to provide a better experience for our end customer.”

CITIC Telecom CPC was founded nearly two decades ago, and Daniel, who has been with the company for 14 years, has witnessed much of its growth. “The company started with less than 100 employees and now it has more than 1,000 employees around the world,” he says.

“As one of the leading ICT enablers in Asia, we’ve been very successful in riding a digital wave. Early on, we started to develop more corporate services in the ICT area. Then in 2006, we started our security service. Eventually, around 2011, we began to build our cloud service for the customer, and we keep increasing our global footprint in the data centres business.”

Today, with global operations across five continents, CITIC Telecom CPC offers a one-stop, cross-regional, end-to-end integrated communications and ICT services platform that serves carriers and enterprises. There’s no doubt its success has not come by accident.

Instead, by tackling challenges head on and with a shared vision centred upon making its customers’ businesses run better, CITIC Telecom CPC has purposefully worked its way up to becoming the accomplished company it is today.

“The vision of my team in Taiwan is to work with customers to explore how the ICT technology we provide can improve their business value,” Taiwan General Manager Jason Chu says.

“In order to do this, we have recruited people with different backgrounds and experiences from every field of the ICT. By combining their skill sets and merging them as one team, we are able to help our customers keep up with the ever-changing, modern world and deal with challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as global business uncertainty.”

To remain competitive, CITIC Telecom CPC also relies on the power of strategic business partnerships at both local and global levels. “Being able to work with local suppliers and global leading technology partners while providing world-class professional tailor-made ICT solutions is one of our strong points,” Jason says.

“We’re able to send the best teams to design the best solution for our customer. And they’re able to successfully deploy very complicated projects.”

When working with Yamani United recently, CITIC Telecom CPC grew the customer relationship to a new level by involving the design, delivery, deployment and continuous operation of a high-speed computing environment in Vietnam and Taiwan to support its factory automation.

“We helped Yamani deploy a large-scale, physical-tovirtual migration. It incorporated artificial intelligence and also some pattern-recognition technology into their new factory, making it an intelligent factory,” Jason explains.

“Yamani’s project demonstrates CITIC Telecom CPC’s unique capabilities. With our global knowledge, regional coverage and local expertise, we help to propel the reinvention of enterprise digital transformation – to unlock their value in today’s digital connected economy with ease.

“In relationships like this, we are more than a service provider; we are a business partner. CITIC Telecom CPC has a capable team that can understand its customers’ business requirements and provide service wherever they go.”

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