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Unlocking digital services: Majid Al-Kharoosi

Digital transformation is impacting all industries. For Majid Al-Kharoosi of Oman Tower Company, future-proofing means a focus on embracing digital tools and incorporating them across the business.

Oman Tower Company

Rapid digitalization has transformed the way business is conducted at numerous well-established companies, with the telecommunication sector being a prime example of the unprecedented impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

As Managing Director of the Oman Tower Company, Majid Al-Kharoosi leads the charge in integrating cutting-edge technologies, including 5G and IoT, into the tower sector that is ripe for transformation.

“Firstly, we’ve pioneered advertising within the telecom sector,” Al-Kharoosi explains. “In terms of innovation, the introduction of the mosaic tower incorporates numerous Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, including industrial equipment like IoT, mini data centers and surveillance equipment.”

Instead of following the industry standard of traditional lattice towers, Al-Kharoosi and his dedicated team advanced on this design to create new structures called monopole, camouflage and mosaic towers. By evolving from conventional constructions, the company has unlocked innovative possibilities that were previously unattainable with older tower styles.

“We have changed how the market perceives the capabilities of towers. A tower is no longer solely viewed as a structure housing telecom equipment; it has evolved into an advertising platform. It serves as a digital screen, in addition to housing IoT and other telecom equipment,” he adds.

As the cost of goods continues to rise, integrating an advertising revenue stream enables Oman Tower Company to achieve a sustainable return on investment.

Digital first

Since its establishment in 2018, Oman Tour Company has undergone rapid expansion. Starting from ground zero with no towers, the company has since erected over 1,800 towers for its clients. Al-Kharoosi attributes much of this success to the company’s unique approach compared to competitors, emphasizing innovation in tower operations.

“We have changed how the market perceives the capabilities of towers. A tower is no longer solely viewed as a structure housing telecom equipment; it has evolved into an advertising platform. It serves as a digital screen, in addition to housing IoT and other telecom equipment.”

Achieving efficiencies adds up over time and contributes to a service that is superior to competitors. With the client’s satisfaction at the core of what Oman Tower Company offers, the firm carefully monitors a range of factors, including, but not limited to, quality of service, fuel usage, temperature, aviation lights and site security.

“We’ve been offering these services to our clients to satisfy their needs and making sure that their services are taken care of. By choosing our services, they are acknowledging the quality we deliver.”

A digital-first approach to services means that Oman Tower Company has led the way with a solution called the smart access lock, where its clients have the ability to access their towers without having to first reach out to Oman Tower Company.

Continuing the digital drive forward, mini data centers are now being added to the base of Oman Tower’s sites to offer customers as many services as possible.

Oman Tower Company

Cost-efficient foundation

As a company that specializes in the ownership and operation of telecoms infrastructure, supplier coordination and support are paramount for Oman Tower Company. Since day one, the company has partnered with a carefully chosen group of suppliers to develop the most cost-effective tower foundations. This strategy has resulted in substantial cost savings for the company.

“After conducting a price comparison for a 40-meter-high tower across different regions including America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, we managed to secure a price that is 27 percent lower than previous deliveries,” he adds.

“You cannot remain stagnant – growth is essential.”

Certainly, in addition to competitive pricing, supplier quality is paramount, along with the capability to sustain robust, long-term relationships. As a rapidly expanding telecom infrastructure company, Oman Tower Company collaborates closely with its partners and leverages its specialized expertise in designing and deploying infrastructure networks spanning 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies, ensuring optimal value for clients.

In an increasingly digital telecoms ecosystem, Al-Kharoosi’s commitment to unlocking new revenue streams and expanding the array of services offered to customers is instrumental in ensuring the company’s growth.

“You cannot remain stagnant – growth is essential. It’s not only a tower we offer but also provides power services, data centers, fiber optics, advertising and more. Securing these revenue streams has been crucial,” he concludes.

Instilling culture

For Al-Kharoosi, there’s no substitute for a leader spending time with staff, if they want to effectively communicate and model best practice.

As a direct result of the young and motivated team, where many employees are under the age of 30, Oman Tower Company has been able to deliver more than 500 towers on a yearly basis.

“The real challenge is to deliver this many sites, and that’s all down to our team. The biggest asset of the company is its people, so we continue to focus on growing our staff and transferring knowledge to them,” he explains.