The evolution of cloud-based solutions has been a transformative force within the software industry. As a prominent pioneer in this sector, Intelecom Group has been leading the change with a focus on innovation and dedicated business units. Torkel Engeness, CEO of Intelecom Group, caught up with The CEO Magazine in Intelecom’s headquarters in Oslo, Norway, to discuss the development of this unique space.

The CEO Magazine: You’ve been leading Intelecom for around three years. During that time, what changes have you seen within the company and the industry as a whole?

Torkel: There have been big changes, both in the industry and within our company, so it’s been quite an intense period. Traditionally, if you wanted to open up a call centre you’d rent a big building, fill the first floor with the agents working in your call centre, and fill the basement with communications hardware. What we do is to completely eliminate the need for that hardware basement. We also enable the call-centre manager to place the agents wherever they want to, so you can actually do without the first floor as well!

It’s this elimination of hardware and complex local infrastructure that is key for traditional call centres to transform into modern contact centres. We know the difference to the traditional approach as we have been delivering on-premise solutions within the communications industry for more than 30 years. That has been the key change we have made during these three years.