Branko Roglić, owner and President of Orbico Group, is a true entrepreneur who understands the value of creating a foothold within the market and then using that position to grow and diversify. As owner of the leading distributor in central and Eastern Europe, Branko has expanded Orbico Group’s operations into 17 countries. Most recently, the organisation has made significant acquisitions in Poland. This continuing growth of Orbico Group means the company is a serious contender for becoming the number-one distributor in Europe.

Before the renowned success of Orbico, Branko was an electronics engineer and graduated from the University of Split. “After university, I worked for a company called Industria for Radio, Electronics, and Telecommunications [!iret!], a company that no longer exists today. The company produced radio stations for the army and we were exporting them to the Egyptians. While working for IRET, I had excellent contact with VARTA, which produces accumulators and batteries in Germany. When I ended my employment with IRET, I started to work as a VARTA representative in former Yugoslavia.

“After a few years of working there, they also gave me the Bulgarian market. In 1987, I had a partner and we set up the first Orbico company in Glarus, Switzerland. The name of company means Roglić Branko and Company. From there we established business between Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia in former Yugoslavia, and Bulgaria. As I saw that communism would soon fall apart, in 1990 I opened the second Orbico in Slovenia. In Slovenia I started the distribution of VARTA batteries and perfumes of Ellen Betrix, at that time a famous German producer of perfumes and creams."