As a specialised logistics provider to the global rail industry, Westlink Rail is widely recognised as a leader in its field. The business is dedicated to providing safe, end-to-end solutions that add value for its clients. David Lucido took on the role of CEO at Westlink Rail late last year. He says he recognised that there was a “very strong” platform for growth, and wanted to be a part of the company’'s successful evolution. David’'s professional background spans more than 20 years working in large technical and industrial organisations, including a number of multinational Fortune 500 companies.

“"I was helping multinationals with go-to-market strategy and business development,"” David explains. “"Working across a range of sectors, from pharmaceuticals and life sciences to financial services and manufacturing, provides quite a broad background to draw from."” It has also included mining and oil and gas experience. “"About six or so years ago, I returned to Perth and was employed by one of the large global engineering companies to head up business development and strategy. I spent a couple of years in the space, and really saw that there was a huge problem in relation to the delivery schedules of multibillion-dollar mega projects being impacted by woefully inadequate, often non-existent, infrastructure in remote areas."

“"I'm sure most people are familiar with some of the very big projects in Western Australia and around the world in remote areas such as in Africa, Brazil, and parts of South-East Asia. They’'re typically located in the middle of nowhere— there is no rail, no roads, no airports, and no ports. That really helped me to focus on developing some ideas, and eventually solutions, around remote and difficult logistics, particularly in relation to mining and energy projects. When I was offered a position at Westlink Rail, it was quite an exciting opportunity for me to be able to bring those insights to a great company that has been delivering successfully for over 20 years. I have come in on the back of that success to develop the company'’s global opportunities.”"