With 33 per cent of all energy in the world generated by oil, it is arguably one of the most important natural resources in today’s world. It heats our homes, fuels our cars, and operates our machinery daily. However, as demonstrated in recent years by dangerous oil spills, it can be difficult to transport and harmful to the environment if not handled properly.

Stena Bulk AB, part of the large Stena Sphere, has made it its mission to develop and build vessels that can safely and economically transport dangerous products like crude oil at sea. In just over two decades, they’ve become one of the leading tanker shipping companies in the world, working with big names in Europe and beyond.

President and CEO of Stena Bulk Erik Hånell is an expert in the industry. With a Bachelor of Nautical Science and a masters from Chalmers University of Technology, Erik started working for Stena Bulk in 1999. He held numerous positions in the company over 13 years including head of Stena Bulk USA and COO of Stena Bulk AB before being appointed to his current position in 2012.