Established in 1971, Kuehne + Nagel Australia has built a reputation as a leading logistics provider. The company’s Australian network consists of 10 locations and a staff of 450. Managing Director Jens Pohlmann has been working in the logistics industry for about 45 years, having started his career in 1968 as a forwarding clerk with a freight forwarder in Hamburg. He joined Kuehne + Nagel as the managing director of the Australian organisation in January 1999.

"In Australia, especially in comparison to Europe, an international logistics provider is seen as an equal business partner. That attitude from importers and exporters alike greatly motivates us. We’re not seen as a servant on the last part of the supply chain that gets kicked all the time, but as an equal business partner fulfilling a very important role in managing a business. That, I would say, is highly motivating and provides a different level of standing for logistics providers, which is very positive".

"Also the respect for authority is different in Australia compared to Germany or the US. To me, management by authority is wrong in Australia, and it’s not the way to manage here. You have to set examples and communicate on all levels, and that’s what makes you successful in this country".