In 1933, Jack Wilson founded Wilson Transformer Company in a small garage in South Melbourne. Today, the company is the largest Australian manufacturer of power and distribution transformers. Jack’s son, Robert, has been leading the company as managing director since 1978. Robert’s sons, Ed and James, have been working in the business in various roles for a combined 20 years.

The engineering, manufacturing, and field service of transformers has been the primary passion of the Wilson family for eight decades. Transformers are essential in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity, and in industrial, mining, transport, and commercial activities requiring electricity. As the company has grown, Robert has ensured that his father’s vision lives on, with the company maintaining and nurturing both a domestic and an international reputation for quality, reliability, and service.

This dedication to meeting customers’ needs has been the core driver for Wilson Transformer Company (WTC) and its passionate people. To meet these needs, WTC continually enhances its products to achieve superior lifetime performance and competitiveness. Through its global network of offices and partnerships, WTC explores best practice in its sector and incorporates world-leading, innovative initiatives and technologies into its product and service range.