CEO Torben Andersen has been with Uni-Tankers for most of his life. He started his career as an apprentice before working up through the ranks as the business experienced growth. In 2012, Uni-Tankers was a very small organisation with a staff of 10. Now there are about 70 people in its offices and almost 600 seafarers.

Over a 20-year period, the business has built itself up to have a high level of expertise, knowledge, and experience in management, safety at sea, technical know-how, manning, sales, purchasing, vetting, logistics, and chartering. The CEO Magazine spoke to Torben about his commitment to the organisation and the strategies he is implementing to ensure its continued success.

The CEO Magazine: How has your long career with Uni-Tankers and ample experience helped to shape your leadership today?

Torben: I think one of the biggest advantages has been that I have actually done, more or less, everything that we do within the company. I have been in the position of a crew manager, working in spare parts, in accounting—you could say that I know the company from the inside.