Executive Interviews

  • Making waves: Cristino "Tito" Panlilo

    President Cristino ‘Tito’ Panlilio has seen Balibago Waterworks System grow from a family business supplying a few suburbs, to an integral community service for businesses, rural areas and towns.

  • I needed to take destiny into my own hands: Che Kin Kan

    As Che Kin Kan tired of meaningless corporate politicking, he sought to create his own path to success. More than five years after his appointment as Chairman and CEO of China LNG Group, he’s dedicated himself to promoting and selling new energy sources to the Chinese market.

  • Dr Jim Bentley Managing Director of Hunter Water

    Love is in the water: Dr Jim Bentley

    Dr Jim Bentley is sprinkling his customers with love in a new campaign to save water, encouraging residents of Newcastle and the Hunter region to think twice before turning on the tap.