Since it was established six years ago, Northern Offshore Services has been a leader in a rapidly growing, niche market. Specialising in the safe and reliable transportation of personnel and equipment to the offshore industry, Northern Offshore Services is supporting a growing breed of innovative businesses.

Offshore wind energy, where turbines are positioned throughout the ocean to capture strong sea winds, has quickly ballooned in recent years as the importance of sustainability and alternative energy escalates. When Northern Offshore Services was established in 2008, it became one of the first companies to support this burgeoning industry.

Now, the company provides transportation of personnel and equipment to offshore wind farms across Northern Europe. With well-educated and highly trained crews of experienced employees, Northern Offshore Services is prepared to meet every national and international regulation necessary. The company boasts 18 multipurpose, high-speed vessels in operation and plans to expand that significantly in the coming years.

David Kristensson, founder and CEO of Northern Offshore Services, has grown up on the ocean and around seafarers, so the shift to offshore operations was a natural one for him. The CEO Magazine recently spoke to David about how Northern Offshore Services emerged, evolved, and expanded over the last six years.