As the electricity transmission system operator of Hungary, with interconnection to 6 neighbouring countries, MAVIR has an enormous task that is continually evolving. Add to that the need for diplomatic cooperation and compliance with ever-changing EU regulations, and the need for a CEO with competence and composure becomes very clear. The CEO Magazine spoke with MAVIR CEO, Kamilla Csomai, to discover how she does it.

The CEO Magazine: How do you ensure that you keep the balance between availability, sustainability and affordability? What systems and structures have you put in place to achieve this?

Kamilla: The energy ‘trilemma’ is one of the most difficult challenges our industry has to face these days. The solution given by Europe on this issue is the Energy Union, which is meant to deliver the necessary transformation of the energy system. Although they are not policy makers, as central entities transmission system operators (TSOs), they are instrumental to enable this energy transition on a national and European level.

Availability (we understand it as ‘security of supply’), sustainability and affordability (which can be called ‘internal market’) all require grid.

Therefore, the main objectives of our company are to increase reliability of transmission system operations and to develop the transmission network. By fulfilling these tasks we also facilitate European electricity market integration.

All these comply with the above mentioned principles and are in accordance with the challenges arising from the European and national energy strategy.

As a national TSO and member of ENTSO-E (the European Network of Transmission System Operators) we are also advisors to policy makers. We work together in close cooperation with the competent legislature and regulatory entities and provide all the knowledge and experience we have. We also take part in several regional and European collaborations in the field of system security, system planning and market integration, including, for example, being involved in the Joint Allocation Office (JAO) responsible for the coordinated auctioning of cross-border electricity transmission capacities. I personally put great emphasis on our company’s active involvement in European and regional matters and initiatives, and my positions as an ENTSO-E board member and JAO supervisory board member also give ample opportunity to be closely involved in international policy issues.

What have you done to ensure that you attract and keep the right staff for MAVIR?

All these tasks I referred to require state-of-the-art infrastructure and a well-organised management structure and, most importantly, trained, experienced, and motivated human resources.