Since coming to Sydney Water from Hunter Water, Managing Director Kevin Young has taken to the job like a duck to water. Kevin has instituted a cultural change at the organisation, focusing on three pillars of workplace safety, customer service, and accountability. The CEO Magazine spoke to Kevin about how digital media is transforming customer service, the history of Sydney Water and the responsibility that brings, and his plans for the future.

Kevin, you'’ve said previously that when you started working in the water industry you never thought you’'d make that your career. What was it back then that made you think that, and how was your mind changed?

Kevin:I started my journey as a trainee electrical engineer with BHP. This was exciting, but it meant having to work full time during the day and undertake university at night, which placed a lot of pressure on me as a young man. Thankfully, an opportunity to take up a graduate position with Hunter Water allowed me to undertake university full time, while working for Hunter Water in my holidays. It was an opportunity too good to pass up.